Settle Disputes Out of Court

We'll stand beside you in an arbitration hearing

Are you having a dispute with a renter over rent or damages? Do you believe you were fired unfairly? Many civil, commercial and employment disputes are settled in arbitration, avoiding the need for a judge and jury in a full-blown trial. This can save you both time and money if you're on the winning side.

If you've found yourself in a civil or commercial dispute, turn to The Law Offices of Richard J. Washington, P.C. We'll take the time to review your arbitration contract, determine your rights and stand with you during your arbitration hearing to fight for a favorable outcome.

What to expect during arbitration

When a dispute is brought up between two parties, a notice of intent must be provided.
Once both parties have agreed to arbitration, the arbitrators will be chosen. The arbitrator will be the one who decides the case. Generally, the arbitration hearing will be based on the arbitration contract between the parties.

If the arbitrator is unable to form a resolution, your case may end up in court before a judge. But don't worry - we can represent you at any level. Contact our office today to get started.