Turn the Tables on an Unfair Decision

File an Article 78 or Article 75 proceeding in New York

State agencies and arbitrators follow specific rules when making final decisions about individual cases. But sometimes, the individuals in those agencies interpret the rules differently. This means you may not always get the outcome you were looking for - but an agency decision isn't the end of the line.

If you disagree with an agency decision or arbitration outcome involving your rights, you have options. Turn to The Law Offices of Richard J. Washington, P.C. to get help filing an Article 78 or Article 75 appeal. We'll review your situation to determine if you qualify for an appeal, and then we'll help form a case in your favor.

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Determine if you're eligible

There are three reasons why a judge might reverse a state agency's judgment. They are:

  • The agency didn't follow its set rules when making the decision
  • The decision was "arbitrary and capricious," or not reasonably related to the case
  • The decision was not supported by "substantial evidence"

Article 78 proceedings must be filed within four months of the date you receive the decision, so contact us as soon as you can to find out if you qualify.