Management Rights

With increased federal and state employment regulations, it is becoming more challenging to manage the workplace. To avoid potentially costly mistakes, small and large companies should seek legal counsel when considering personnel policy. Our employment law firm offers preventative counseling to employers assisting with the preparation and review of employment policies and manuals to ensure compliance with state and federal law. We can also assist in the creation of non-compete agreements, wage, and hour determination and termination proceeds

As part of our employment preventative counseling, our experienced attorneys can design and lead training for your management team on employment policy and provide you with required materials for your staff on anti-discrimination regulations.

If there are claims made against your company, we are experienced in employment litigation, and our attorneys can represent you in Equal Employment Opportunity Hearings and throughout the Department of Labor investigations. In these instances, we will prepare the necessary documentation, contact the appropriate authorities and represent you at all hearings.

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