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Practice Areas

Labor & Employment

When dealing with a workplace-related issue, I can help make sure you're aware of your rights and responsibilities — whether you're an employer or an employee.

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Employee Rights

Do you feel your rights as an employee have been infringed upon? From employee discrimination to wrongful termination, my firm can provide the representation you need.

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Management Rights

Seek legal counsel when pursuing personnel policy to ensure you're operating within your rights as a business. I offer preventative counseling, contract help, and much more.

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment should be taken seriously. Whether you have a complaint that's not being heard or need a strong defense against one, work with a trusted attorney.

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Civil Litigation

Some things cannot be settled outside of the courtroom. When you need sound legal counsel to help you move forward, call today and put my experience to work for you.

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Criminal Defense

Whether you've been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime at the state or federal level, I'm prepared to help you build a strong defense for your case.

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I can help you formulate a strong response to conspiracy charges against you and provide an aggressive defense for your situation.

Domestic Violence

A charge of domestic violence has many layers. I'll help you navigate the court process and complexities of your case as we work toward a favorable outcome for you.

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Drug Crimes

If you've been accused of drug possession, cultivation, or manufacturing, you need a skilled and dedicated attorney who can help you to avoid the harshest penalties.

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When you've been charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol — your license, driving privileges, and very freedom may be at risk. I'll help you fight to keep a clean record.

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Long-Term Investigations

If you have been arrested following a long-term investigation, it is important to have experienced counsel that can ensure the constitutionality of the investigative techniques used against you.


While a misdemeanor charge is less severe than a felony, the consequences can still be disastrous to your future. Reach out today so I can help protect your rights and livelihood.

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Police Interrogation

Interrogations can result in your arrest or prolonged detention. For this reason, it is important to be proactive and retain legal counsel to accompany you to any interviews.


There are many types of theft crimes that result in varying penalties. I have experience providing defense against petit larceny, robbery, and burglary charges that could help your case.

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Weapons Charges

From mere possession to unlawful use, any weapons-related crime can carry serious consequences. Let me help you fight to reach the best possible outcome for you.

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Employee Discipline

With many state and federal labor regulations to factor into your potential case, it's wise to consult with a knowledgeable attorney before taking any legal action against an employee.

Internal Investigations

If you're conducting internal investigations for your business, or you become the subject of an internal investigation, don't wait to reach out for legal assistance.

Special Needs Employees

If you've been accused of violating the rights of a special needs individual, I can help. Put an experienced Defense Attorney on your side.